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Calendar: Features

Selected date

The selectedDate is the date which is currently marked as selected. You usually select a date by clicking on it with the mouse or hitting Enter on the keyboard.

The selectedDate might not be within the dates in the current month view.

Central Date

The centralDate defines which day will be focused when keyboard moves the focus to the current month grid. By default it is set to today, or the enabled day of the current month view that is closest to today's date.

The next and previous months' buttons work by changing the centralDate with plus or minus one month. Changing the centralDate may mean a different view will be displayed to your users if it is in a different month. Usually if you change only the day, "nothing" happens as it's already currently in view.

The centralDate can be different from selectedDate as you can have today as actively selected but still look at date that is years ago. When the selectedDate changes, it will sync its value to the centralDate.

Controlling focus

You can control the focus by calling the following methods

  • focusCentralDate()
  • focusSelectedDate()
  • focusDate(dateInstanceToFocus)

Be aware that the central date changes when a new date is focused.

Limiting selectable values

Providing a lower limit

To give a lower limit you can bind a date to the minDate property.

Provide a higher limit

To give a higher limit you can bind a date to the maxDate property. In this example, we show how to create an offset of + 2 days.

Provide a list of disabled dates

In some cases a specific date or day of the week needs to be disabled, supply those days to the disableDates property.

Combined disable dates

To limit the scope of possible dates further, combine the methods mentioned above.