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Principles: Subclasser apis

In order to make it easy for Subclassers to extend our components, we follow a certain set of best practices naming conventions to make our code predictable.


Template naming conventions

For templates that do need access to the instance of the web component there is a prefix _render/__render. Examples are __renderHeader and __renderData.

Separation of concerns

Our components should make it possible to override markup and styling, without having to redefine functionality. By using the spread directive, we can achieve this. For more info, see explanation.

Node references

As a Subclasser, you sometimes need access to a protected node inside the shadow dom. Most functional nodes have their own getters. A Subclasser can access those in his extension and in some cases, override these getters.

Node naming conventions

A node reference will have an underscore prefix and always ends with Node. Examples are _inputNode and _formNode.