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Dialog: Overview

A web component that wraps a modal dialog controller. Its purpose is to make it easy to use our Overlay System declaratively.

export const main = () => html`
    <button slot="invoker">Click me to open dialog</button>
    <div slot="content" class="demo-dialog-content">
      Hello! You can close this dialog here:
        @click=${e => Event('close-overlay', { bubbles: true }))}


  • Show content when clicking the invoker
  • Respond to close event in the slot="content" element, to close the content
  • Have a .config object to set or update the OverlayController's configuration


npm i --save @lion/ui
import { LionDialog } from '@lion/ui/dialog.js';
// or
import '@lion/ui/define/lion-dialog.js';
  • To close the overlay from within the content node, you need to dispatch a close-overlay event that bubbles. It has to be able to reach the content node (if you need to traverse shadow boundaries, you will have to add composed: true as well).

Changing the configuration

You can use the .config property on the dialog to change the configuration. The documentation of the full config object can be found in the overlays folder or here in Overlay System - Configuration.

The config property uses a setter to merge the passed configuration with the current, so you only overwrite what you pass when updating config.