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Form: Overview

A web component that enhances the functionality of the native form component. It is designed to interact with (instances of) the form controls.

export const main = () => {
  const submitHandler = ev => {
    const formData =;
    console.log('formData', formData);
    fetch('/api/foo/', {
      method: 'POST',
      body: JSON.stringify(formData),
  return html`
    <lion-form @submit=${submitHandler}>
      <form @submit=${ev => ev.preventDefault()}>
        <lion-input name="firstName" label="First Name" .modelValue=${'Foo'}></lion-input>
        <lion-input name="lastName" label="Last Name" .modelValue=${'Bar'}></lion-input>


  • Data synchronization with models
  • Easy retrieval of form data based on field names
  • Advanced validation possibilities
  • Advanced user interaction scenarios via interaction states
  • Registration mechanism for form controls
  • Accessible out of the box

For more information about fields that are designed for our form, please read form system.


npm i --save @lion/ui
import '@lion/ui/define/lion-form.js';