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Listbox: Overview

A widget that presents a list of options and allows a user to select one or more of them. A listbox that allows a single option to be chosen is a single-select listbox; one that allows multiple options to be selected is a multi-select listbox.

From listbox wai-aria best practices

export const main = () => html`
  <lion-listbox name="listbox" label="Default">
    <lion-option .choiceValue=${'Apple'}>Apple</lion-option>
    <lion-option checked .choiceValue=${'Artichoke'}>Artichoke</lion-option>
    <lion-option .choiceValue=${'Asparagus'}>Asparagus</lion-option>
    <lion-option .choiceValue=${'Banana'}>Banana</lion-option>
    <lion-option .choiceValue=${'Beets'}>Beets</lion-option>


  • Single & Multiple Choice
  • Orientation
  • Rotation when using keyboard for selection


npm i --save @lion/ui
import '@lion/ui/define/lion-listbox.js';
import '@lion/ui/define/lion-option.js';